Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering

This is a wonderful opportunity for expecting moms new moms and anyone who is interested in birth!
enjoy :-)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Debra Shane & the twins

    Well, I'll just put it this way...I CAN NOT imagine going through this experience without Cindy. I vaginally delivered two healthy twins with the assistance of Cindy mid-September. In fact my Mom convinced me to look into hiring a doula quite late in my pregnancy and like they say "Mom's are always right." Looking back I can't believe I ever waivered on this.
Even though I have an awesome husband and family they couldn't provide me with all the knowledge, support and comfort that I needed on that day. Going into this I was very nervous having not experienced childbirth and here I was about to deliver two babies.
Cindy was calming, encouraging and helped alleviate a lot of stress and confusion created by some staff at the hospital.
 Since I was having twins, I delivered in the OR and initially the doctor told me I could only have one support person with me while pushing in the OR. Well, since I couldn't fathom how I was going to get thru this last stage without Cindy, my husband and I collectively decided Cindy would join me in the OR. YES, I picked Cindy over my husband! Well thankfully in the end they did allow my husband in too but it goes to show you how important she was to me in this whole process.
In fact, I often wonder if I would have gone to a C-section ( which I was strongly against) if Cindy had not been in the OR. I was told I had one more push left before a C-section and CIndy gave me this pep talk before my last push explaining to me what I was aiming for and ultimatley gave me the encouragement and support I so needed at that time to successfully deliver my two healthy babies vaginally.
Not only was she awesome throughout the labour process but she is so supportive and helpful prior to and afterwards-goes above and beyond. I'm so glad I found her and will be forever grateful she shared this experience with me.
Deb, Shane and the twins :-)
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